Frequently Asked Questions

What is Prestige Vehicle Sales?

Prestige provides a location service for high performance and difficult to find prestige motor cars.

How do you compare yourself to your competitors?

We are not a car retailer or garage with a vested interest in the sale of a specific motor car, nor a dealership working for a specific manufacturer.

Why should I pay someone to do these things for me?

Contacts are the cornerstone of everything we do. Prestige Vehicle Solutions is about time and how much value you place on your time. It is about allowing you the opportunity of doing what you do best.

Are there any additional or hidden fees?

Fees are always agreed in advance, they are only due when a particular car has been located, and the supplier successfully introduced.

Do you collect payment for the motor car?

Initial deposits can by paid via debit/credit cards. With funding options offered subject to status by market leading banks

How are vehicles identified?

We obtain market information from a variety of sources. By working with trade connections we assimilate the latest supply information, vehicle availability and release dates for new models.

How are clients notified of available cars?

We produce a private circulation newsletter that summarises the current supply position of both new and recently registered high performance and prestige motor cars.

Our Obligations

We will provide the highest levels of service in everything we do. We will always endeavour to meet and, where possible, exceed your expectations. Your details will be treated with the utmost discretion.