Bespoke Range Rover Sport And Range Rover Modifications

Prestige Vehicle Solutions offer a bespoke enhancement programme plus a large range of special equipment which can be optimised to meet individual needs. Specialist work is also catered for including body colour changes and interior re-trims. Any current Range Rover new or used, is suitable for modification. All work is carried out to the highest standards of engineering integrity by highly experienced technicians, all of whom are intensely proud of what they create.

How long does it take to re-engineer my car?

Approximately 1 week for a basic package and up to 3/4 weeks for re-upholstery work depending on the specification ordered and current lead time. Subsidised hire cars and chauffeur collection / delivery are available nationwide.

What happens to my insurance?

Your premium is unlikely to differ greatly from a standard car if at all. However some small companies donít insure modified vehicles - refer to Overfinch for assistance with our tailor made insurance scheme.

What happens about servicing?

Standard servicing by any Land Rover agent, ourselves or any Overfinch dealer is all that is required.

Are there any tax disadvantages?

For company vehicles or vehicles used for business purposes, a VAT registered business should be able to reclaim VAT if the work constitutes "repairs and maintenance". In addition, part or the entire expenditure should qualify for income tax or corporation tax relief.

Is it wise to convert a new or nearly new car?

Yes, these types of vehicle are the most popular choice as it is less expensive to convert a car in new condition with few miles under its belt. However, extensive upgrades are often ordered on cars up to 5 years old.

Wheel Upgrades

Wheel upgrades available and alloy wheel repair service.


What about re-sale value and desirability?

Our cars are modified by Overfinch. A strong demand for used Overfinch cars exists because:
  • Sound concept - everyone knows Overfinch engineering is top quality and deeply respected industry wide.
  • Proven track record - over 3 decades as a low volume manufacturer demonstrates Overfinch commitment.
  • Highly acclaimed by the press in print and on television for enhancing all four generations of Range Rover.
  • Comprehensive and unique Overfinch improvements mean the added value of works cannot be ignored.
  • Long-standing, prestigious reputation of Overfinch brand ensures strong public demand and ownership aspiration.